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    Change Wall Thickness Dimension Style?

    Gary Rowsell

      Hi all,


      So I would like to edit my drafting standard such that when one dimensions a wall thickness of a tube, then it behaves in the same manner as my diameter dimension. In particular I would like the leader to have a horizontal section to display the dimension and text. See below:

      I would like the dimension of 2.25mm WT above to display in the same manner as the diameter of 9.5mm does... is there a way to do this?

      I can't seem to find the correct setting under document properties to change this particular type of dimension style.

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          Adam Hartles

          Hi Gary, as this is a linear dimension I think this ability is limited- a quick test found a display option (on the right click menu) for Offset text, where you can change the position to make it look like the DIA- see below. You would have to apply this on a case by case basis though rather than having this as a document preference/template setting. I cannot find anything else that comes close I'm afraid.


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              Gary Rowsell

              Thanks Adam... I thought that SW was treating it as a linear dimension - thanks for verifying that. It's a pity that it isn't a dimension type of its own. The offset text thing is an option I suppose but not great to have to manually move it in line with the dimension arrows. Also, if one changes the geometry driving the dimension, when the drawing updates it will probably no longer be in line and just wouldn't look neat.

              Anyway, thanks for trying