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    How to dimension text

      I need to design an emblem that will be manufactured in different sizes. It isn't a problem to define all geometric elements to be driven parametrically from the basic height and width of the emblem. However, I can't seem to find a way to drive the text to grow/shrink with the rest of the part.

      I tried creating a couple of configurations and then automagically adding a design table to see if there was a hidden text size value somewhere. No such thing.

      Is this possible?


        • How to dimension text
          Mark Kaiser
          I don't know of a good way to do this, it would be nice. The only way I know possible is after you have entered the text and exited the sketch text command, right click on the text and select 'dissolve sketch text entities', this will turn the text into lines/arcs/splines that you can define. Not much fun, but it gives you control.
          • How to dimension text
            Matt Wallace
            Make your emblem a block, and save it. If you have your design library going on, put it in there. Now you can drag and drop the emblem on any face, and the block dialog allows you to rotate and scale however you want.
              • How to dimension text
                I guess my problem is that the emblem consists of several sketches to define extruded cuts and boses (some of them being letters)...so it would require saving and scaling at least four sketches. This is far from the elegance of being able to use a design table as a configurator and being able to input the desired width and height of them emblem and have it all resize as expected.

                I wonder if there's a way to do it with VBA? I'll ask in that forum.