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SW crash when Insert part command is used on a sheet metal part.

Question asked by Justin Pargiter on Mar 24, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 24, 2017 by Adam Hartles

Hi Peeps


This is the first time I am using this forum.


I upgraded to SW 2016 from 2015 a few months ago. When I create a multi sheet metal part, I save it as my base model. Then I create new parts, and I use the "insert part" command and I "delete or keep bodies" to select the individual body I want to keep and save as an individual part. I do this because when I need to change sizes, everything moves with my changes automatically. BUT, now when I use the "insert part" command and as soon as I check the "sheet metal information" box within the command, all is well until I close and try and re-open it. If I try to re-open it, SW crashes. it only happens when i check that "sheet metal information" box. It somehow has conflict with sourcing the sheet metal information from the derived part and causes the program to crash making it unable to open again. If anyone can help me, please do, I basically created all my parts in that method!