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Using "Insert into New Part" Error: "the base part has no solid"

Question asked by Maxwell Thorne on Mar 23, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 21, 2017 by Mike Price

Hey everyone,


I created a plastic housing use a multi-body part file (master file). I saved out each individual part file using "Insert into New Part", and then added engineering details into each of these parts. Lastly I created an assembly from these parts.


After getting pretty far into the process, I realized there was an issue with my housing design. I went back into the master file and made some pretty major changes. I ended up splitting one of the bodies into multiple smaller bodies. After finishing these changes, I went back to the individual part files and got the error: "The base part has no solid".


I want to reattached my part files to their corresponding bodies in the master file. I listed external references in the individual part file and it points back to the master file. So it seems like the unique body ID in the master file changed, causing all of the individual part files to lose their references.


I know if I had used the "save bodies" command, I could open up that command and point it back to the correct body in the master file. Is there a way to do this using the insert into new part command? I'd like to avoid needing to remake all of the individual part details .


Thanks for any help!