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Laser Cutting Pipes

Question asked by Rishab Sinha on Mar 24, 2017
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I have a simple pipe frame made using weldments. Previously I would obtain the pattern at the end of the pipe (cope) and print it out and then grind the pipes to the necessary shapes. However this time we are using a vendor who laser cuts these pipes. I provided him the .IGES files, however the vendor mentioned that when he opens some of the pipes in his software the co-ordinate system is all over the place. Sometimes the pipes have the origin at the beginning of the pipe (I used the 'Insert into new part' function to derive individual pipes) and he can cut these pipes, however sometimes they have the origin mid way through the pipe and he cannot cut them. I have tried creating a new co-ordinate system and mating it with the start of the pipe with no success. Can anyone tell me how to ensure that all pipes have their origins at the beginning of the pipe, or any other method generally used for laser cutting pipes. I have attached the frame in question and the an example of the pipes causing an issue.


P.S. - Structural member 1 can be cut, Vertical member 1 cannot be cut because origin is no where near the pipe.


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