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EPDM Storage of Configuration ID's vs SW

Question asked by Guy Edkins on Mar 23, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 23, 2017 by Lee CS Young



I am using the Document Manager to extract an assembly structure. The XML stream give you structure, but no custom properties. My idea was to then use the DM to go back to the files (I have the path from the XML stream) and grab them and marry them up. Alternatively I could go to EPDM (SQL directly) to get the custom property values as well.


With configured items (parts & assemblies) the XML stream outputs the used configuration by file name and a swConfigurationID, which is unique within that file. This is the "hook" to get the configuration.  It appears that when you check a configured part into the vault the configurationID created/stored in the SQL tables is not related to the swconfigurationID found in the item that is configured. Am I missing something here (different table), etc.


What I need to do is get for any single configuration its actual custom property description and it appears that doing this in EPDM is somewhat circuitous, i.e. a few subqueries vs. a single select statement.  Anyone have any thoughts on this or an approach I am not seeing.