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PDF's in PDM

Question asked by Jason Koonce on Mar 23, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 27, 2017 by Jason Koonce

We are getting ready to batch dump about 100,000+ "Legacy" PDF's into our new PDM system.  Currently I have a "PDF Released" folder which is where all the pdf's will be housed.  Now my thoughts are that this is going to be a lot of files in one folder (Doesn't windows have a limitation of 256,000+- files in one folder).  All the PDF's are named a 9 digit part number, so I could create multiple folders under "PDF Released" with 10,000 or so part numbers in each folder.  Is this the best way to handle the situation?  Also, going forward is there a way to tell PDM to only allow a certain number of files (say 10,000) in PDM then create a new folder based on the next 10,000 range or is this something that would have to be manually handled?  Any thoughts or suggestions are greatly appreciated.  Thanks!