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Motion Study Animation Question (starting exploded and ending collapsed)

Question asked by Robert Koch on Mar 23, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 23, 2017 by Robert Koch

Hello Community!


I have an issue which seems like it should be fairly easy to solve, but for whatever reason I'm having trouble with it.  I have an assembly which I have created an exploded view for I would like to look at the assembly while it is exploded and then have the assembly collapse until it is finished, and end on the part in it's default state.  Midway through my video when I wanted the when the collapse sequence to start, the parts flew out even farther than where they were, and I could tell that it was treating the current configuration (exploded) as the starting point for the "collapse sequence".


I just wanted to show the assembly in the "exploded" configuration without exploding it first, and wondered if there was a way.  The collapse sequence generated from the animation wizard began with the model in its current state, which was already exploded.  When the "collapse" was supposed to be finished, the model was left still exploded.  I just had a misunderstanding of the way the Animation Wizard works didn't realize the configuration of the part has to be locked in for the whole video.


I just wanted some way to do it without needing to explode the assembly first, but I didn't realize that you could cut out the beginning of a video when you export it.  I was trying to keep the video short, which is why I wanted to skip exploding.


I was also curious if the configuration of a part could be changed mid-animation... as if it had one of its own rows with a time bar.  But it does not seem to be.


I appreciate your help in advance!