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Silicone Pad Heater PID Control

Question asked by Adam Harley on Mar 23, 2017

Hi Guys,


Im very new to flow simulation so please be gentle, I am trying to simulate a process moisture analyser for my undergraduate final dissertation.


Firstly, in the analyser there is a silicone heater pad that is run by a PID control. The PID control heats the internal oven to 60c. I have the PID control information in PSEUDOCODE, is there a way of adding this to the volume source dependency as PSEUDOCODE or does the code have to be translated??

Secondly, also inside the model I have 3 solenoid valves, the solenoid valves have a hit and hold function, they are normally closed and at 30 second intervals they open by 3.6 watts. is this an easy thing to do where do I start??


Thanks in advance


Adam Harley