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Hole callout problem, SW 2017 SP 2.0

Question asked by George Holdcroft on Mar 22, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 30, 2019 by Robert Tupa

I just changed to Solidworks 2017 Sp 2.0 from 2016, and all of my hole callouts on drawings show up with a strange tolerance.  This is with a plain hole that is thru with both near side and far side countersinks.  I have it set to "limits" tolerance, and it used to come through with the diameters set to limits, and the angles just the angle measurement with no tolerance.  When I changed to 2017, the diameters still come in as limits, and the angles come in as limits as well.  I manually fixed it in some drawings, but after re-opening the drawings, it went back to exactly what it was.  Even worse, it is set to 0.007 degrees as the default.  I am looking for where to fix this, and I can't find it anywhere.11220-01.JPG