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    2 issues when using the "Copy Tree" function

    Matthew Stafford

      When I copy an assembly using "Copy Tree" I am having 2 issues:

      1. Sometimes all the files in the assembly get selected and sometimes they don't.

      2. The new assembly is maintaining a pdf that is referenced by the drawing even when during the process it shows that it was excluded.  This is problematic because of possible ISO implications.

      Any help would be greatly appreciated.

      Thank you!

      During the Copy Tree process

      The new files Contains tab

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          Christopher Wilson



          This may just come down to knowing how the software handles references, and being diligent in post process clean-up.

          When you add the pdf as a reference, PDM will treat it no different than if it was a part in an assembly.  The files you copy will still maintain a reference to the files you don't copy.  This is a great feature when you want to make a new assy which is almost identical to the original. But, in your case this has become a hindrance.


          You may simply have to remove the reference manually after you create the new file(s).  This will become part of your standard work process until a better solution is developed.


          I would also submit an Enhancement Request (ER) to SW asking them to add something like a "Break Reference" column to the Copy Tree tool. If you do submit an ER, post it here so that myself and others can support it.