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A couple of questions concerning cut-lists...

Question asked by Kevin Andrews on Mar 22, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 22, 2017 by Chris Clouser

I am still somewhat new to using cut-lists in my work. I am having a bit of trouble getting some of the information to come through properly.


My boss likes for all of the components to be on one sheet. So, I do not create assemblies (when using the weldment option). So, when I create a handrail weldment, I have to add a mount plate on the bottom of the post. This plate gets created in the cut-list (under the part drawing), but just calls it something unrelated to what it "CUT LIST ITEM 1" - or something like that.

I left click on the name twice and change it to something that makes sense to me. Then I right click and go to properties.

It only shows this as 2 properties: quantity and material. The down arrow on the third line does not give me the option for "Description" and typing in "Description" doesn't work either.


But, normally, when I import the cut-list in to my drawing, this information doe snot show up. Ironically enough, it actually did show up this time...but this is not the norm.


Am I doing something wrong here?


Also, is there a way to have the cut-list come in, automatically, in the edit form? Just so I do not have to manually change the heading of each column to "User Input" and then name that column the exact same that it was originally?


Thanks for any help in advance...