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PDM API EdmCmdType hook to use after a file is no longer being used by PDM

Question asked by Nathan Champion on Mar 22, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 22, 2017 by Lee CS Young

So as of right now we have a workflow that has a task that creates a PDF file with a task after everything has been approved.  We need this generated PDF to be digitally signed but any of the hooks I've looked at either the file isn't in the vault yet or the file is still being accessed by PDM. 


EdmCmd_PostAdd fires while a file is still being copied and PreAdd the file isn't in the vault.  Post/PreState seem to be the same also.  I need a C# program to open the PDF, sign it and write over the same PDF file.  Is there a different hook I can use to achieve this or should I be adding a custom task that launches an external program within the workflow instead?