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Macro to traverse assembly components and change configurations

Question asked by Patrick Keith on Mar 21, 2017
Latest reply on May 16, 2017 by Raghvendra Bhargava

Hello, I am new to the SolidWorks API and programming in general.  I use a "Simplified" configuration in most assemblies that take the hardware, adapters, e.t.c. and suppress them.  When putting a top level assembly with multiple subassemblies in Simplified config I have to manually select each subassembly and change it to Simplified in the tree as well.  I would like to write a macro that loops through all my subassemblies and changes them from Default to Simplified config.  The Simplified will be already created in these subassemblies so it only needs to be changed over.  Hope this was easy enough to understand thanks!


This is just a short bit of code I have started on but know it is far from where I need to be.