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    SimulationXpress mesh failure

    Dustin Roderigues

      I am trying to test a motorcycle frame I have designed and it is not working. I have tried exporting to stl, step, parasolid, and iges, no luck. Under every circumstance, it will fail to do the mesh, saying that it was a single feature's error. I go back and delete that feature, then it says the next one has an issue; it wants me to repeat until the whole model is deleted! I've tried changing the density and so forth, it refuses to work! I even tried saving as an stl, then bringing it back as a solid body but it says it has too many faces and refuses!


      This is very annoying, any help is appreciated. Attached is the model

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          Ryan Dark

          Hi Dustin,

          The program is not reporting a feature failure; it is reporting a body mesh failure.  It just happens that the name of the body is the name of the last feature applied to it.


          You have made a motorcycle frame using thin-wall tubing to create this structure.  SimulationXpress is not well equipped to handle that kind of geometry though.  These kinds of structures are better analyzed with beam mesh (toward the beginning of a design) and shell mesh (toward the end of a design).  Neither of these are options for SimulationXpress though.  The very best you could do with SimulationXpress is to set the mesh element size to be smaller (probably as small as you are allowed to make it) and see if the mesh does not then generate.