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Reference Specific Values in PDM Professional and AutoCAD

Question asked by Johnny Higginson on Mar 21, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 24, 2017 by Arie Van Gelderen

The Crux of the question is where does PDM store Reference Specific Values? How can I access them via the API with the express goal of Copying this data from 1 configuration across the rest of the configurations.


The picture above is where this problem arises for our workflow. Currently, our Cable Assemblies are drawn in AutoCAD. These Cables are a part of large equipment assemblies we design and produce. So Cables are drawn in AutoCAD then we use 'Paste As Reference' to build a BOM in PDM of constituent components. Then using a few fields of Reference Specific Values configure the last bits of Manufacturing information. Those are QTY, U.O.M. [Unit of measure for that qty] and the No[item number referenced in the drawing]

The problem is that each Layout Page(drawing page) is represented as a separate configuration. When I paste this Cable Assembly as a reference to the assembly it reports to I don't have control over what configuration gets used in the BOM roll up and these Reference Specific Values do not overwrite across the configurations. So what happens is to be sure that the roll up contains these values we have to make sure the are copied across layouts which for multiple page drawings becomes very tedious and error prone.


First I tried to solve this problem by using Dispatch. I wrote the variables from a specific configuration and then Pasted them to all configurations. Unfortunately and makes sense, the Dispatch Copy doesn't work for Reference Specific Values. It makes sense because Dispatch is working from a selected file so it doesn't know the parent child relationship that this data exists from.


The second avenue I'm still actively pursuing was using a transition to Export an XML. Then edit via an excel Macro that XML to copy those values from a specific configuration across the rest. So that part all works but unfortunately I can't get the XML Import to work at all. I have support teams working on it but they aren't sure the reason. Though admittedly this solution is clunky since it requires workflow flow transitions.


So does anyone know how PDM treats these variables in SQL. if I can write a task addin that you could trigger, select the configuration and have those values replicated that would make this Cable Assembly Design workflow the best it can get. Then I can get to focusing on to best transition those guys away from AutoCAD and toward something like SW Electrical or even just routing. Giving us a much better, more accurate, more collaboration friendly design. 


Thanks for taking the time to read this,