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    NOT Automatic Update of Relations on Assembly Features

    Gabriele Zironda

      Dear All,


      I have this issue: I have an assembly with a Part inside. Some features are inside the part and some other features are on the assembly. In this particular case I have made a relation between the center of the Hole with the center of the Fillet. One on the Part created inside the Part and one on the Part but created inside the Assembly.


      If I update the fillet radius (from 30 to 10 as example) that is inside the part, the position of the hole will be automatically updated. BUT if I do the same on the fillet created inside the assembly (as assembly feature) the hole remains in the old position. Ctrl-Q. Tested.


      The only way for me is to OPEN the Part, then Ctrl+Q, then Save the Part and then, the hole in the assembly is in the correct position.


      OK. Maybe I forgot something? It seems like a simple thing but I don't know how to solve this.


      Solidworks 2017 x64 SP2


      Thank you!!!