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    are DRW's slower ?

    Peter De Vlieger

      Whenever I have to work on a DRW with multiple section views and such things slow down to a crawl.


      In fact I do think I had root canals that were less painful then working on a drawing with 1 top view and 3 section views.

      Dimensioning, slow

      Annotating, so slow that I can type an entire sentence before the first word is completely viewable on screen.

      Zooming, panning, saving it all takes such a long time.


      Okay, my workstation is 7 years old as is my graphics card but would that truly be the reason why ?

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          John Stoltzfus

          Models created with 2017 SP1 and inserted in drawings are definitely slower, much much slower.  The assembly model would rebuild in like .04 seconds and it could take up to 40 - 60 secs in the drawing file.  I use multiple drawing sheets and as soon as I got to a part drawing it was right up to speed, but as soon as I clicked on the Assembly Drawing it would crawl along.  I think SP2 is a little better. 


          I can open up a much more complex assembly that was done pre-2017 and it opens and rebuilds fine....

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            Glenn Schroeder



            I've used SW2017 sp's 0, 1, and 2, and haven't noticed any slowdown when working with Drawings.