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    bolt connectors array?

    Paul Fichman
      I have a flange with many connecting bolts .
      all bolts have the same properties, how can I define them as one group instead of defining matterial & preload for each separately?
        • bolt connectors array?
          Ian Hogg
          Hi Paulus,

          A limitation of the current interface is that you can only modify one boly at a time directly.

          The way to work around this is with parameters. You will notice in numeric fields there is a pulldown "link value" option to tie a field to a parameter. So you can set up Simulation parameters for preload for example and make one change and have it propagate to many bolts.

          In 2009 there was a new simulation library capability that allows you to add items such as bolts, loads, restraints to a simulation library and reuse them with all the values predefined. You just have to tell it what it's applied to.

          I agree, it would be nice if a bolt pattern was detected and stayed as a group so you could modify it in one hit.


            • bolt connectors array?
              Paul Fichman
              thanks Ian,

              I used copy/paste for all other array memebers. I hope it won't make a mess?
                • bolt connectors array?
                  Hi Paulus,

                  When I've had to do a bunch of similar bolts before, I've clicked the "push pin" (keep visible) button next to the check mark and "X" at the top of the connector dialog. It's been a while, but it seems to me that I put in all the parameters I wanted, then created each bolt without closing the dialog. This works well until you decide to change something, at which point you have to decide if it is easier to delete your bolt group and recreate it by the same method, or go in and copy and paste.

                  This was in previous versions; it looks like the 2009 simulation library feature would work better.

                  Hope this helps,