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PhotoView Rendering time

Question asked by Andrew Muggleton on Dec 7, 2008
Latest reply on Dec 11, 2008 by Andrew Muggleton
I have been having some fun with the new Photoview 2009. I am now trying to render a hi resolution image ie 5500 pixels by 3300 at max quality. So far the rendering time is 142 hours with aprrox 56 hours left.

I have 2.85 GHz, 2 Quad processor, 8MB ram and using Vista 64Bit with a FX 1700 Nvidia Graphics card.

Should these renderings really take this long? If so is there anything I could do to bring the render time down. Different hardware? Network Rendering? or even Maxwell Render. Any Advice would be great.

I have attached an image of the picture below.