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PDMWorks database strength

Discussion created by Anthony Fettig on Dec 6, 2008
Latest reply on Dec 8, 2008 by Marc Godbout
We have (7) Seats of Solidworks 2009. We have not started using PDMWorks yet as our company has been concerned that it is an entry level product that will not scale well as we grow to 20+ users over the next few years.

Our equipment requires assemblies of more then 10,000 parts. We have very strong Windows 2003 servers and a fast managed network dedicated to engineering.

I want to keep our PDM system simple, PDMEnterprise seems complex and overkill as we have one location and do not require replication. I have a few questions that may help give me direction:

1.) What type of performance hit will we see using PDMWorks .vs PDM Enterprise?
2.) Enterprise is SQL based, what database engine does PDMWorks use?
3.) Are there maintenance jobs that can be run on PDMWorks to keep the data healthy?
4.) How many users can be effective in a PDMWorks Vault?
5.) Is read-only access to Solidworks files in the vault by CAM users reliable?
6.) What method exists to migrate data to PDM Enterprise in the future?
7.) Is a 64 bit server/workstation environment tested and reliable?
8.) Can a network backup (CA Arcserve) be successful if users are logged into the vault?
9.) How do you restore a vault from a backup if it becomes corrupt?

Advice is appreciated.