Christopher Thompson

Difference between motion on part vs joint?

Discussion created by Christopher Thompson on Dec 6, 2008
Latest reply on Dec 6, 2008 by Ian Hogg
I have a question about best practices of adding motion to an assembly in CosmosMotion 2007. In SW (w/o CM), a physical simulation motor will be mapped to a part motion using CM Intellimotion Builder. This is useful so that if my client does not have CM, at least I can show the motion using physical simulation.

I have noticed options exist in CM to add motion to the joints as well as the parts. It appears that adding motion to joints is almost the same as adding motion to the part. What is the difference, and why should I add motion to a part versus motion to a joint? Other than the physical simulation being mapped, does one have an advantage other the other? Is one easier to trouble shoot than the other?

Also, should hardware be added to linkages, such as pins, shoulder bolts, etc? If not, how do you keep the parts assembled during the simulation in CM? In CosmosWorks, it is necessary to define contact sets for FEA. Is it the same in CM?

Where can I find a tip sheet / check list of best modeling practices for CosmosMotion, and ? I have mostly used just physical simulation in the past, so I am new to CM?