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Adding fillets on six intersecting edges (seemingly impossible)

Question asked by Alex Hambrock on Mar 19, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 20, 2017 by Paul Salvador

Alright I'd really appreciate any sort of help from anyone more experienced with applying fillets to complex geometry. Thanks so much in advance. I'm working with a cylindrical shape with a series of facets on its surface (see attached). To clarify: the blue-red and black-green edges form part of the circumference, the rest extend longitudinally


Additionally the white, black, and red faces have some mild curvature to them (you can see they converge to a circular cross section at the far end)


Adding fillets to this seems to be nigh impossible. I'm trying to get fillets with radius upwards of 0.35" to significantly blunt the shape, but even fillets as low as 0.05" don't seem to take (the red blue edge, for reference, is about one inch long)


I've tried giving the fillets a very low rho, tried doing multi radius fillets that shrink as they near the vertices, tried using face fillets etc, nothing seems to provide any sort of valid feature. I can occasionally get *one* edge to fillet, however even if I leave that as the complete feature and attempt to add a second discrete fillet, it doesn't take.


Has anyone worked with something at all similar to this before? I've attached a sample of the geometry if anyone wants to mess around with it


Thank you so much for any assistance.