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Installation Error - SQL Server

Question asked by Bearach Byrne on Mar 19, 2017

Hi there, I'm having trouble installing Solidworks 2016 on Windows 10. When I first run setup.exe, I am met with the below error;

Installation Error.PNG

When I try to install using the default option in the Solidworks Electrical Options of "Use an existing SQL Server database" and "Connect using Windows Authentication" (see below screenshot);

Installation Error 5.PNG

I am met with the following error.

Installation Error 2.PNG

When I change the option to "Install new instance of SQL Server" (See below);

Installation Error 6.PNG

And try to run the installation, it gets to about 4% and then gives me the following error, that SQL Server fails to install.

Installation Error 3.PNG

Installation Error 4.PNG

If anyone has any ideas on what to do it would be much appreciated as I cannot figure it out.