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    Best processor for rendering, simulation and modelling in Solidworks?

    German Salcedo




      I'm building a CAD workstation to work primarily with Solidworks. I would be doing mostly a little bit of everything: Modelling, Simulation and Rendering.


      I've been reading about it and it seems that clockspeed and cores are the main variables here but in the Intel processors that I have seen so far it is mostly about limits: You have either 8 cores but 3.2GHz (i7 6900K) but on others is 4 cores and 4GHz (i7-7700K).


      So mainly my question is: this is relevant at all? The differences on performance of one or another are going to be noticeable? Is there middle ground?

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          Ryan Dark

          Hi German,

          For many of the processes in the program (modeling and much, but not all, of Simulation) the program is single threaded.  For that reason you usually want to go with the absolute fastest clock speed you can find for a CPU (and a lot of people overclock as well for this reason).  There are only a couple places were multiple cores are a noticeable benefit over clock speed; these are the Flow Simulation solver and PhotoView 360 rendering.  I'd only recommend the 8-core CPU over the 4-core CPU if you machine is going to be used primarily for Flow Simulation or PhotoView 360.  Otherwise, you are going to see much more benefit to your daily modeling tasks from the faster CPU.