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Animation plays extra frames

Question asked by Willy Wonka on Mar 19, 2017

I have some animations created with views which were dragged to the timeline. They include simple part translations/rotations and fading between 2D text actors. In order to get the animation to stop at certain points so that a user has time to read the 2D text, I have a button that is set to start pulsing at 400ms when I want the animation to stop and then resume the animation when clicked. I find that the animation plays fine until it hits one of these stop points. It stops but seems to stop between 0.5-1 frame late which often leaves the geometry in odd positions and text that shouldn't be visible yet, partially transparent. This is really undesirable.


I have tried changing the buttons link from [current position] to a selected marker name thinking that might solve it but it did not. I have tried a few other things as well and none of them seemed to work. Has anyone else come across this behavior or know how to resolve it? Thanks