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Flattening V-Grooved Sheet Metal

Question asked by Tim Kuzma on Mar 18, 2017
Latest reply on May 25, 2018 by Shane Zhang

Hi All,


I have a piece of aluminum flat bar that needs a dado along its length, and pockets milled out intermittently.  At the bends I want to mill out v-grooves so that the part can be bent by hand.  The image below shows what I'm trying to accomplish, the arrows indicate where the v-grooves are after folding the part.  This model is attached as "No Features Model - V-grooved - Goal.SLDPRT", it is imported from another program with no features .


No Features Model - V-Grooved - Goal.JPG


I've spent a good deal of time just getting the milling operations modeled (tried a lot of routes), while retaining the ability to flatten the part.  I've found a somewhat clumsy method to get to this point, but now I'm stumped on getting the v-grooves modeled.  I've tried unbending and performing various cut operations, simple normal cuts, and remodeling as a flat solid and adding bends, without success.  Below is a screen shot of where the part currently sits.  This model is attached as "Sheet Metal Model - Needs V-grooves.SLDPRT".


Sheet Metal Model - Needs V-Grooves.JPG

Sheet Metal Model Flattened - Needs V-Grooves.JPG


I've tried to search this on a number of sites, but coming up short handed.  Any ideas or a point in the right direction would be very very appreciated!