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    2d to 3d

    Josefina Ii Policarpio

      May I ask in Solidworks how to copy the surface of a Siemens product on 3d that I made. I already made the 3d according to the 2d dwg, but I want to copy the exact front view of that product in the front face of the 3d that I made. Thanks!


      pic for question.PNG

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          Deepak Gupta

          There are several ways after you had made the sketch:

          1. Use cut extrude (with very small depth)
          2. Use split
          3. Use wrap feature


          Now looking at you picture, I would suggest to recreate the model and keep origin as starting point and then create sketches on that to create the number and other details. You should also check the manufacturer site and might get the 3d model.

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            Paul Salvador

            ..btw,.. it looks like they do have a website for 3D STEP data (what I imported had some detials with the facsade that includes text/connector/switches..)

            6ep1334-2ba20.pngpoiie 1.png