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Configured assembly features not updating in drawings

Question asked by Mikko Laine on Mar 18, 2017

I have a series of four parts located around common center point which need to share same sketch geometry for a revolved cut. Certain measurements of the sketch are configured according to a product to be made. These will be rollers to manufacture a specific cross section of a wire rope and there will be four different profiles and for each profile there will be 10 different cross section sizes which all need the four different rollers to be manufactured.


In the assembly I have four Cut-Revolves that cut the groove shape in to the rollers. The assembly and the models behave as they should on the assembly level but when I try to do a drawing it will show only the configuration which is active at assembly.


I have already the "Use named configuration" selected in the drawing views. Am I trying to do something SolidWorks is not capable of?


I attached few pictures to clarify.


Br, Mikko L.