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part won't select in section view, but will select when section is turned off

Question asked by Carmen Brown on Mar 17, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 23, 2017 by Carmen Brown

I've got an assembly file where some parts (not all) will not fully select when I'm in section view.

When section view is turned off, there is no problem (though I also feel that my constraints are somehow connected as they keep acting weird, but I don't know the full story there.) At least the part will select, namely it will turn blue.


In an assembly, in section view, when I click on a part, it selects in the tree, the "breadcrumbs" box pops up next to the cursor, but the part itself doesn't change color. At the same time, an outline image appears that is similar to the part, but oriented 90°-ish and out of plane.


Picture of the problem. I'm trying to select the screw.

The cross shows where I left-clicked the cursor.

The blue cylinder appears (at an odd angle) and remains (as if it was the outline of the part I selected).

Breadcrumbs box appears

part highlighted in tree



Same part selected when section view is turned off. All is normal.



So far I have:

rebooted three times

once cause my computer seemed to be acting screwy

once cause I knew there was a problem

once cause I updated my graphics card driver


found that another assembly file doesn't have this problem.

a part file of the screw doesn't have this problem.

It seems to point to this particular assembly file.