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Toolbox "configuration-specific" properties placed under "custom" tab

Question asked by Michael Wade on Mar 17, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 17, 2017 by Deepak Gupta

Without ranting too much about the Toolbox, has anyone ever seen this issue: properties that are set up as "configuration-specific" in the configurator end up being created under the "custom" tab in the master Toolbox files?  It oftentimes will also leave the description blank even though it is entered and complete in the configurator, or it will replace the description with the configuration name, or it will change the material from e.g. CS to 316 SS or vice versa.  It's not every configuration because some work just fine.


We just upgraded from 2014 to 2016.  I reconfigured a new Toolbox from scratch.  I didn't upgrade our existing TB because I didn't want the problems that have been plaguing us to return.  Joke's on me, the problems returned.


We had 2014 top-level assemblies completed the week prior to our 2016 upgrade where the Toolbox components were perfect.  As soon as we opened the assemblies in 2016 and SW rebuilt all the missing Toolbox components, we got all the property issues and the missing descriptions I just described.  Is there some residual data in the assembly file that is overriding the configurator settings?  Many of our assemblies are pack-and-go copies of older jobs.  Are there Toolbox cobwebs in the assembly that can pollute the files?


Screenshot of how our configurator is set up:



And here is the custom property window in the "socket set screw cup point_ai.sldprt" file:

TB-Property Window.jpg

Only "PartNo" and "StockSize" should be under Custom.  "Description" and "Material" belong under the configuration specific tab.  Then there's the issue of it replacing the description with the configuration name.


I've been going back and forth with our VAR and they're seeing the issues I'm seeing but we don't have a solution.  I was hoping maybe someone else had experienced similar issues and could point us in the right direction.