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Why is a database missing? solidworks will not run right

Question asked by Charles Fennig on Mar 16, 2017

I have SolidWorks through school and it installed on my machine without giving me any errors (no actual popups during installation).


but it does not show up in my program directory on startup nor in the options when I go to open a SolidWorks part file. I can however still open the program by going into c:\\progam files\SOLIDWORKS corp\SOLIDWORKS folder and running the SLDWORKS application itself.


However, when I do this, the program begins normal but comes up with an error stating that a database is missing and complete functionality may not be possible. after clicking okay SolidWorks seems to load fine but there is no material database and it gives me that same error every time I open a part or assembly.


After searching for solutions I found that deleting SolidWorks data folder and doing a repair install should fix this issue, however upon doing this it states that the manager cannot find the required source files for the product, and asks for installation media (a DVD specifically) of which consisted of a downloaded executable, not any external media.


Attached are the two images of these received problems, I would appreciate any input or any other possible fix to this issue.


Thank you all for your time.