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Does Web2 support hyperlinks?

Question asked by John Bergin on Mar 16, 2017

After finally getting the hang of setting up hyperlinks in the network/client version of EPDM, the local desire is now to have the links work through Web2 instead, since that is where all of those in our Viewer group will be accessing. I have tried to push back on this need, but there is a strong - if not irrational - desire to maintain hyperlinks for now.


I have seen the list of supported and unsupported features in Web2 2016, but the list does not mention hyperlinks. I do understand that the same links referencing the file and folder IDs would not work through web, but so far I have been unsuccessful with any mapping.


Is there any way to get hyperlinks to work through Web2? If not, can someone provide a brief  technical explanation for the limitation?