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    Assembly with virtual parts the move/change sizes with different configurations.

    Isaac Rich

      How do I get the different configurations to all show correctly on the drawing?


      Let me explain a little.


      Top level assembly made with virtual parts that have sizes and locations driven from a design table to allow multiple sizes on one model.

      For example,  a 2' x 2' x 12' box and a 2' x 3' x 16' box are in the same model with the same virtual components in different configurations.


      How to I get them to show correctly in the drawing?


      It is really a slick model that simplifies our designs this drawing issue is my last hurdle of a years worth of work. Please don't tell me it was all for nothing!!

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          Bjorn Hulman

          Hi Isaac,

          It should be as easy as selecting the view and changing the Reference Configuration at the top of the dialog on the left

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            Adam Hartles

            Isaac, if your virtual parts are driven by the top level assembly with top down features, and change in size between one configuration and the next, there is no way SolidWorks can have a drawing displaying different views side by side and maintain accuracy in their display. To explain why, when SolidWorks loads a configuration (in the 3D assembly mode) your top down conditions are rebuilt- and the size of your parts are correct- however behind the scenes all of the inactive configs are probably wrong and out of date. When you switch to another config, again it rebuilds and it appears perfect in the 3D mode.


            The drawing mode however, is the only mode where you can have muliple configs of the same assembly (or part for that matter) loaded simultaneously as neighbouring drawing views. You then have a condition when the views fight against each other as the referencing virtual parts are trying to be two different sizes at once- which one takes priority?? The answer is the active one in the model and all views take on this status hence the inaccurate views.


            The answer is either do not have multiple configs with top down assemblies- use pack and go so that there is no link between the files or create part level configs of the virtual parts (if that is possible...) and then use suppress/unsuppress in your assy configs to prevent the conflict. This is trickier to manage to I always favour a single config for a top down/virtual assy environment otherwise things can get very messy.


            So if this seems to be the case for you, take your current "Master" model and pack and go it a few times to create the configurations but as separate master models (ensuring you add a suffix/prefix to the file names to make them unique), and then delete out the configs to leave behind the one relevant to that new file set. It is tricky to explain but basically comes down to SW trying to rebuild two different and conflicting conditions of an assembly at once because file names are the same.


            Hope this helps