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interference detection for fastener evaluation

Question asked by Derek Eldridge on Mar 17, 2017

I'm trying to find a way to perform an interference detection on an assy. My goal is not only to find parts that interfere, but also:

  • Screws don't align with holes
  • Screws are too long for holes
  • Screws are wrong size for holes.

I use cosmetic threads, tap drill diameter or cosmetic thread on all my holes. For the evaluation, I would imagine that it would be better to have Remove thread for all the tapped holes to properly evaluate.


I'm open to alternative methods, but I'm thinking of the following:

Is there a way in a macro, that i can have it crawl through all the parts, change all hole wizards settings to Remove Threads and perform the evaluation. Then after, I would need to do the same in revers to change them all back to cosmetic threads.