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2017 eDrawings View Control on Excel User Form

Question asked by Guy Edkins on Mar 16, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 28, 2018 by Scott Stuart

I am running SW 2016 SP 5 with PDM Pro 2017 SP1.


I have an Excel 2010 spread sheet that I built on SW 2015 machine. I created a user form that had an eDrawings Viewer control placed on it. This worked just as it should in 2015. I have now tried to resurrect this tool in the current environment. I have repointed the references to the 2017 Type Library. See below.




However the option for for placing an eDrawing Viewer control is not showing up in the list of Additional Controls as it should.  The EmodelView.dll is registered, but still no control as seen in the 2015 environment.

(see below) Any ideas how to get 2017 to show this control option so I can place it on the User Form?