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Solidworks PDM Weldments Cut List Variables does not update

Question asked by Federico Boldori on Mar 16, 2017


here we use solidworks and PDM mainly for steel construction. We made large use of Weldments and we are running some problems configuring the PDM.

Now i'm working on BOMs, and i've put online some basic BOM from PDM Administration program.


First Thing: Cutting List boms does not update on pdm if i change the configuration on pdm explorer:

see here: this is a file with one weldment parts and 2 configurations:


Than another question: there is a way to export in Cutting List Bom other dimensions? we work a lot with metal sheets and we would like to export to anothers columns also width and thickness along with lenght info, but in PDM online help i see that i can only export Lenght info from a cutting list using UNIT_OF_MEASURE Custom Property.


And then, any hint or tips fromyou people that use PDM and Solidworks for Steel Construction and Steel Detailing?


Thanks a Lot