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    Dimensioning 'stacked holes?

    Whit Elliott

      Sometimes we need a threaded hole thru a thick (1"-2") steel part, but we need only a short portion of the thickness threaded. In the past I would place a 1/4"-20 threaded hole thru all, then a 1/4" loose clearance hole X" deep in the same position.


      Then in the drawing I could select each feature and get a nice looking hole callout. Since installing 2017 I seem to be having much more difficulty selecting the different features in the drawing.


      The image below shows the "issue" the black text is showing what I want, and it's referencing the clearance hole. The blue text is referencing what I consider the tapped hole, but SW keeps giving the clearance hole.


      Any suggestions on how to get Hole Callout to select the tapped hole?




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          Adam Hartles


          It may be easier using the "Model Items" function where you can pre-select the feature from the left hand feature tree in the drawing (expand the view and pick the hole wizard feature. One of the icons in Model Items is for Hole Callouts.

          There is a new "Advanced Hole" feature in 2017 you may wish to check out, useful when you want axially aligned holes of different types- although I think the callout function for it was removed in BETA due to issues.

          Advanced Hole Functionality for SOLIDWORKS 2017


          Thanks Adam

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              Whit Elliott

              Thanks for the tip, I'll check it out!


              I dug a little deeper with this part in question and found I'd placed the clearance hole before the tapped hole. So I deleted the holes and placed the tapper thru hole before the clearance and I'm getting the dimensions I'm after again. Same geometry, different order...