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    Configuration Manager - Where are you ?

    F. Leatin

      I'm new to SW and a student in school studying SW. I'm trying to complete and assignment. I'm in a drawing sheet. I need to put the material block and material type. I'm told it's in the "Configuration Manager" but I'm not finding it. There is supposed to be an icon in the tree somewhere but I'm not seeing it.


      Anybody want to straighten me out on what I'm doing wrong ?



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          Deepak Gupta

          Configuration Manager is available in models only and not drawing.


          What exactly you meant by material block and material type? If you mean you need to define/apply material then it is available in part model only.


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            Adam Hartles

            Hi Frank, I am guessing you are asked on the drawing to add a note into your title block to show the material information?

            If this is defined in your part (i.e. you have assigned the material) you have to add it as a custom property (File > Properties > Custom) or the icon identified in the image below. Drop down the list in column 1 and link to "Material" and in column 3 drop down and link to Material. OK and save the part.

            Then in the drawing, ensure a drawing view of this model is on the sheet, and edit the title block/sheet format, or add a "Note" (Insert > Annotations > Note).

            In the left hand panel (called the Property Manager) click the button "Link to Property" change the "Use Custom Properties from..." and change to "Model found here > Drawing View Specified..." and then the model in the drawing is selected. The pull down menu then extracts the properties from the model and "Material" and any others you added are listed. Linking to these populates the note, and is a live link- i.e. so if you change the material, your drawing note will automatically update.

            Hope this helps (and hope I understood)