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    PDM Add-In not showing up in 2017

    Dean Williamson

      A little background…


      I am working at home with a company that is another city (3.5hrs away). I am logging into their system and accessing their vault. I had installed 2013 (cause the company was running it) and had to uninstall a windows update from 2015, that was causing the addin not to show up in 2013. After the company moved to 2017 last week, I uninstalled 2013 and started using 2017 which I had already installed months prior. So, yesterday I updated the system with all current window updates and the addin is not showing up. I was debating on re-installing SW late last night, but didn’t want to delete any pdm settings already set up from the company.



      Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.



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          Tim Webb

          Hi Dean,

          You won't need to reinstall SOLIDWORKS, just modify the SOLIDWORKS PDM program in the Windows Control Panel. During setup see p.92 of the 2017 PDM installation guide. This will show you how to activate the SOLIDWORKS PDM add-in. The part you will need to make sure to follow is the section below called "Select Add-ins".

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            Nhat MAI



            The Add-in would also need to be manually updated to 2017. The Add-in are not upgraded when the Vault and systems are upgraded.

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              Orionl Lidji


              I also had similar problem,

              When I moved from win7 to win10 the addin not loaded.

              finally I founded that in order the add-in will be loaded automatically, I had to create new file:

              the filename is "protk.dat"

              The location for this file must be in the text folder, under the installed folder of your proe.

              this file should contain the following text (without the quots):

              "name PTCADDIN

              exec_file C:\Program Files\SOLIDWORKS PDM\FileFormats\PTCAddin_x64.exe

              text_dir C:\Program Files\SOLIDWORKS PDM\FileFormats

              delay_start false

              allow_stop true

              revision Wildfire


              *- verify that you have these two path (C:\Program Files\SOLIDWORKS PDM\FileFormats, which is the installed folder of your Solidworks PDM Professional. and check that you have the file: "PTCAddin_x64.exe" in this folder). in case your installed folder of Solidworks PDM professional is different, edit the path above.

              **-in case you already have this file (protk.dat), just add the text above and save the file.


              I have different problem now:

              I can can manage Proe files from Proe only. any edit of properties (PDM Data card) from explorer window lead to error.