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BUG: SW2017 + Cut-Feature position changes not follow

Question asked by Olli-Pekka Oksa on Mar 15, 2017


We got a a huge problem yesterday after updating sw2016->sw2017.



- Create dimensioned cut-extrude feature in assembly.

- Create second cut-extrude feature to assembly that is position related to first feature. Use edge/corner from first cut-feature as a ref point to dimension.

- Now modify the first cut-extrude position and you can see that the second one is not following anymore.

No dangling errors, nothing. You cannot see any error messages. Ctrl-Q / traffic lights will not help.


Our VAR can repeat problem and SW support looking forward this bug.

How about you? Can you repeat this also?


Message was edited by: Olli Oksa Added attachment with more details. Green dim = 1st feature dimension that have been changed. Arrow pointed dim "50" is not anymore refenced to right place as you can see.