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DXF output of SW-generated parabolas leads laser cutter to trace over line multiple times

Question asked by Christopher Vincent on Mar 14, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 15, 2017 by Christopher Vincent

I'm laser cutting a bunch of parts for an RC aircraft, and today encountered a really strange issue. The cutter had an abnormally long predicted time, and it turns out this is because the features that include partial parabolas generated in solidworks' sketching feature (parts in the bottom left and right, small parts in the center and top left). I opened up the DXF file I used to export to the cutting machine, and sure enough it seems that there are tens of hairline features that are banded together when viewed in CorelDRAW, and can't be deleted individually. This led to the cutter burning all of the parabolic geometry by taking ~20 passes per part. I'm wondering if there is something I need to change when generating the DXF files in order to prevent this