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2009 PDMW Vault Problem

Question asked by Rodney Hall on Dec 5, 2008
Latest reply on Dec 16, 2008 by Rodney Hall
SW 2009 SP1.0 vault and Client.
I have many (.dxf) files in my vault linked to (.sldprt) and or (.sldasm) files. worked fine in SW08.

Now when checking out "latest revision" (.sldprt) and include attachments is selected, the vault fails to checkout the linked (.dxf). Error retrieving "filename.dxf" from the server, do you wish to continue? y/n. if yes then (.sldprt) is checked out, but not with linked (.dxf).

Tested if "as built" is selected, then current rev (.dxf) attachement is checked out with (.sldprt) as expected, but "as built" is not the version I need to checkout.

I can checkout the (.dxf) in question one at a time, but the vault will not checkout the linked (.dxf) as it should. This was working fine in SW08.

Anyone else see this problem? Any solutions?