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    PDM Questions

    Jason Koonce

      Just a couple quick questions about PDM Datacards.  I haven't been able to achieve this and think it would make card design better.


      1.  Can I change the color of a Frame on the Data card?  I know I can change text color.


      2.  Format Text in a textbox...Example:  right align or centered.   From what I have seen I can only align the text boxes not the text inside the box.

        • Re: PDM Questions
          Steve Ostrovsky

          No to both questions. The Data Card UI needs a huge investment in development but it gets by. I've started building BMP images to add some color. The suck part is you have to get the sizing right or have to edit and reinsert the BMP file. All of blue labels are BMP files.

          Look for Enhancement Requests and attach yourself to them. The more the better!!