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    SW crash when I add decal

    Chika Co

      I need to add a decal in my assembly, after I resize my decal.  SW crashes!  Is there an alternative way to add decal?  Thank you


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          Paul Salvador

          ..it could be related to the size or the format (jpg, tif, bmp... I personally use *.png) of the image... that is, the way it handles the scale and buffers the data during resize?  (graphics card issue?)

          ..is realview on/off?

          ..does the image have a alpha or transparency layer?

          ..does it need to be in the assembly level,... that is, can the decal be applied to a part (at the part level)?

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            Christian Chu

            Importing image into the sketch is another choice.

            I never experienced SW crashing when adding decal - Might be something else; however, without seeing your assembly and decal image - hard to say !

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              Bjorn Hulman

              Hi Chika,

              Check the image is RGB and not CMYK. SW doesn't play nice with CMYK.


              Apologies, a CMYK image wouldn't import in the first place.


              You can always try making it a custom appearance. Apply any standard appearance to the face while holding down ALT key. Click advanced if not already selected. Click browse, change file type to the file type of the image you have and find/select your image. Click open and you'll be asked to save the appearance file. Then go to mapping and adjust to the size you're after.