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    Mate Context toolbar does not show up if Property manager is floating and locked (pushpin)

    Dan Pihlaja

      I know its not a HUGE deal, but I noticed something:


      I haven't checked the other applications, but in assemblies, I suspect that I have found a bug/problem....call it what you will.

      First off, I am using SW 2015 SP5.

      In assemblies, you can apply standard mates using the context toolbar:


      AND you can float the Property Manager window to a convenient location.


      So, here is the issue:

      I floated the property manager window to a spot on my second monitor.  Then I hit the little Pushpin to lock it open.


      Then, I CTRL selected 2 components in my assembly (Specifically: 1 cylindrical face from one component and 1 cylindrical face from another component) and the Mate Context toolbar did not show up.

      I was wondering why, when I Deselected the pushpin on my Property manager window and then tried again.

      This time the Mate Context window shows up when I select two components.


      The context menu does not show up at all in assemblies when the Property Manager window pushpin is pushed in.


      I can repeat the behavior over and over.    Is this the same in SW 2016 and beyond?