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loading assembly files from Network location problems

Question asked by Craig Makarowski on Mar 15, 2017
Latest reply on May 23, 2017 by Craig Makarowski

This is in Solidworks 2016 SP5 and Windows 10 up to date.

Also note that sometimes the References button in the file requester, show no references.

When I load an assembly from my Network Project folders, sometimes the progress bar stops or doesn't  even start, then a requester for the file open up and points to the location where the file is and i have to open. I have to do this till every part is loaded!!  This is random from day to day ! Other times it just loads the files fine. I have lost a lot of productivity due to this as this makes some opening projects take about 20  minutes or more. The classic thing is to blame Solidworks or Windows 10. I went to my VAR and after much testing and hand hold their conclusion was it is a network issue. Now our Network It  disagrees!


Next I tried saving the assembly to the local drive on my machine, the references always show up but when i load from network path it is a hit and miss, either their all there or none. I was worried it was a path file string length but you have to exceed 256 characters in the file path name!

My current machine is a Gigabyte X58 motherboard and I7 proccessor, the on board Ethernet Controller drive is dated 2015 and no more updates available. Thought this might be a problem but no other applications have this issue!! Plan on trying at PCIexpress3 card some day when the IT people buy me one. the real strange thing is i have the same machine at home and when running the home license version i have no issues at all and even if i use my NAS drive to store assemblies, seems to be fine to load.

Hence I think i have a network problem. Wish i knew how Solidworks loaded files and used it's data base when when using it, other wise no clue why I'm having this issue, never had this on Solidwork 2014 SP5. So here i am wasting valuable time at work loading assemblies!! Ugh!!