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    Save doesn't really save anything

    Reno Simpson



      Could someone please explain the reason for saving intermittently when it does nothing.   Just lost two days of work, saved many times about every 20 min.   I just opened a drawing to print and SW crashes, no big deal i didn't edit anything in that drawing.  When i reopened the stuff i was working on and had saved many many times,  all changes were gone as well as all parts i had made.  So why does SolidWorks have a save button if it does nothing until you click the X  and successfully close your part or assembly.


      This didn't happen in SW2014

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          Ned Hutchinson

          I dont trust the save button anymore either or the save all when closing parts.

          I have started to go to file save instead which is reliable.

          Using 2015 SP5

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            Benjamin Modic

            Hey Reno,


            That sucks. Can you tell us where your files are being opened from and saved to? Did you get an error when trying to open your part files or did you just lose some work? It may behoove you to keep a backup, or keep revisions saved in a separate location.

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                Umberto Zanola

                sorry to enter the thread, but you can see this behavior in simulation too (e.g. 2015 SP5) ... I think it is a random thing, but very annoying if it happen to have multiple scenario and very big data. You push save icon or file>saveall while looking at a file manager (I use totalcommander) and none of the file in the folder get updated. If you use file>saveas and overwrite the folder content SW actually saves all as expected (you can see file dates and sizes changing).

                Lost a lot of sims results like this. The scary thing is it is random not 100% of times and my feeling is that it is more prone to happen with more than 3-4 sim scenario in the same file...