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Routing Twisted Cable

Question asked by N. Ritchey on Mar 14, 2017

I was surprised to see so little info about routing twisted cable/wiring online. I mean I saw a few people asking, but nowhere did I see anyone actually discussing how to do it.

I don't personally like getting into this much detail, but our assembler asked for it. The goal is a simple twisted motor cable, two wires, 2 twists per inch.

My instinct is to sweep a helix. When the cable was straight this was a perfect solution. Now we're interested in showing the cable mounting to its designated connector which requires displacing the end of the cable in X, Y, and Z directions.


So now my instinct is 3D Sketch the path, sweep the sketch with a rotated profile.


But this NEVER works out for me. See the attached images. I am just not that familiar with twisting a profile in the Sweep command (nine times out of ten I'm creating a helical curve). And when I try to use it, this is what always happens:


Neither result is acceptable. Is there anything obvious I am doing wrong/missing? Is there an easier way to accomplish this?


image 1 : profile twist is "follow path". on paper this sounds like what i want but the results are not what i expect

image 2 : keep normal constant. on paper this sounds exactly like the results that i get. the profile normal does not change with the path