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    Multiple configuration STEP file Task

    Aaron Godwin

      If I have multiple configurations in a part can I have PDM create a STEP file for each one with a Task?


      I already have a Task that converts the file to a STEP but it only open the active configuration. Is there a way to get all configurations converted within the task? Or do I have to open the file and do it manually for each configuration?


      Thanks in advance,



        • Re: Multiple configuration STEP file Task
          Cody Salyer



          Yes you're able to have all configurations for a file converted to individual .step files.

          To accomplish this you'll need to make some small changes to the task.

          Within your task navigate to "Conversion Settings"

          Under 'Configuration to output' Select "All configurations"

          When this task then run it will output a file for all configurations of a part.

          I also generally uncheck "Allow user to change this setting" at both places in this page.

          This is because it will prompt a user for what configurations should be exported and tasks are generally an automated process.